Welcome to the world Hunter Robson Sonsie 15.05.17

When we arrived home from the hospital your mummy and daddy sat down together and wrote you this...

Dear Hunter,

We have waited what feels like an enternity to meet you. We have wished to see your face, hold you in our arms and shower you with cuddles and kisses ever since Mummy and Daddy met. We waited patiently and eagerly, setting up our world so it would be perfect for you. We travelled, found jobs, married, and bought a house. We fell in love with Shadow and raised a little fur baby so you would have a best friend around you always. Everything we have ever done, and every decision we have made was guided by you.

One day old

One day old

Once the time was right we began our journey. We ran into some trouble though and the road to meeting you was a little bit rockier than anticipated. But the thought of meeting you and seeing your beautiful face kept us going and made us stronger. We were and still are surrounded by the most supportive family and friends that helped us through this difficult time.

Finally though, when everything aligned, we found out you were coming and a sense of relief and joy filled every part of our bodies. You were a joy to carry around for 9 months. Mummy would feel and enjoy every kick and Daddy would kiss her belly and talk to you. You must have known how loved you were as you entered the world a calm and settled baby as if knowing that everything was always going to work out.

Now your are here and everything is brighter. Our love for each other has magnified and you are the center of our world. The way we feel about you is indescribable, love isn't a strong enough word. You have stolen our hearts Hunter and we wouldn't want it any other way.

Your Mummy and Daddy are so lucky to have such supportive families and now you have them surrounding you as well. An abundance of love at every turn. Grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends who would do anything to keep you safe and make you feel loved. You will never be short of love and support in this world.

2 days old

2 days old

As your parents it is our responsibility to keep you safe, but there is much more to this new role as your parents that we promise to do. We promise to let you know how loved you really are. With kisses and cuddles each morning and night, no matter what decisions you make in life you will be wanted and loved. We promise to play with you, walk with you, read with you and sing with you. To enjoy the littlest moment in life, like the trees on an autumn day and the light from the moon. When you make mistakes we promise we will be there to help you fix them and show you another way to reach your goals. We promise to laugh with you and sometimes cry with you. We will hold your hand when you need extra support and know when to let go so you can explore on your own no matter how scary that might be for us. We promise to help you achieve your wildest dreams so you can show the world who Hunter Robson Sonsie is. We promise to be there for every moment, the big ones and the small ones, the smiles and the tears, we will always be here. We will make time for you and for each other always. Family is what life is about, it is the most important part of our lives. Lastly we promise to show you what love really is, through our actions and words you will see a love so big and so real that you could almost touch it.

Hunter, welcome to the world dearest boy, your Mummy and Daddy can't wait to show you all the beauty and adventure that lies ahead.


Mummy and Daddy