New Years...with a baby


As friends were buying tickets to festivals, or planning to head down to the Peninsula for New Years we were confused with what to do with ourselves. What do people with babies do for New Years Eve? I was up for long as I could be asleep by 9. Michael, my other half, laughed and said at least 11. What had we become? Staying out late meant ruining our sleep routine we had in place, who am I kidding, there is no sleep routine. But it did mean less sleep for me, as no matter how hard I try to teach Hunter about sleep-ins, 6am really seems to be the latest he’ll stay in bed. We asked friends and family with small babies what they were planning and the answer was often the same, a blank face followed with ‘I guess whatever we normally do on a Sunday’. It hadn’t occurred to me the New Years was obsolete to families with young kids. At least the way New Years used to be celebrated was a distant memory.


We couldn’t do nothing. I had to at least try and make it till midnight. Dinner at the parents house was planned with some extended family. Basically those to young or to old to venture to a massive New Years celebration attended. With my Nannie opposite me, a baby in my arms and my 12 year old cousin next me, it was going to be wild.

New Years used to be about the alcohol, the party, and the new dress. In a way it still was, it just looked a little different. My alcohol came in the form a Kombucha bottle (it’s fermented so it counts). The party was in my parents living room with music supplied by Dad (a solid mix of 80’s classics) and I was related to every member of the crowd. My brand new dress was the highlight of the evening as it was as comfy as my running attire...because that’s exactly what I wore. Same, same but different, yes?

I quickly realised something though, this is my ideal night and it couldn’t have gone better. Good food. Good company. We reminisced about the highs and lows of 2017. We set intentions for the New Year. We devoured delicious food. It actually couldn’t have gone better. I should have known it was going to be a perfect night when I realised Mum stocked the fridge with kombucha and my Aunty brought over two blocks or organic, vegan chocolate. I think that’s when you know you are truly loved. A board game though would surely top the night off. A game of Articulate had us all in stitches for at least 2 hours. Monopoly could have been quicker but we haven’t laughed that hard in ages and it kept me awake till close to midnight.

6am on New Years Day

6am on New Years Day

Let’s not forget about the baby though. He slept all the way through the party. This was definitely due to the fact he was snuggled up on either his dad or myself for the whole time, because apparently cots aren’t all the rage when snuggling is an option. If you hadn’t gathered, sleep isn’t his forte. He woke just in time for midnight. Where he received a double New Year’s kiss. Tears may have resulted as we kissed both his cheeks a little to firmly and squished his face, but it’s all in the name of love, so it’s ok isn’t it? A quick family snap for 2018 and it was time to head home. Added bonus though, when you stay up till 1am there technically isn’t a night fed (I need any silver lining at this point as the 6am wake up was expected but not appreciated). Perhaps his New Years resolution will be to sleep through the night, although something like walking or talking might be more realistic! 

So it turns out there was no better way to bring in the New Year. Surrounded by my family, eating nutritious food and wearing my active wear. 2017, you have been our best year yet. One full of life changing experiences and I feel as if I have truly embraced who I am. I’ve never felt better. 2018, you have some big shoes to fill but I trust that you can back it up. Here’s to making new memories. Happy New Year everybody

Emilly x