Finally, you can hold him without a cloth!

Hunter is 8 months old now. I can safely say, without the fear of jinxing it, that he no longer vomits. I repeat, HE NO LONGER VOMITS! 6 months of a vomiting baby and he's finally stopped, you would shout it from the roof tops too if you knew what we had been through. I'll start by saying he was never in pain and it wasn't reflux, he was what the health nurse liked to call a 'happy-chucker'. Happy or not, I didn't think it was possible for a baby to vomit as much as he did. What goes around comes around though as according to my mum, I was exactly the same as a baby and was known as 'Chuck-Bucket' for a good few months.

Covered in a cloth while he cheekily smiles in his sleep as he dreams of where to vomit next! 

Covered in a cloth while he cheekily smiles in his sleep as he dreams of where to vomit next! 

The vomit was unpredictable. Right after a feed, 20 minutes after a feed, and hour after a feed, even 3 hours later he would still be vomiting. This sounds extreme - and that's because it was. I am not exaggerating and any friends or family can attest to this as he has vomited on all of them on more than one occasion. Not just a little bit of sick either, a river a vomit would be streaming out his mouth at any given time. It was like watching the exorcist. It was enough for me to think I had to re-feed him each time. I could not understand how he kept growing and gaining weight. 

It was clear from the first few days in the hospital that we had a vomiter on our hands. We were sneaky and borrowed (never to be returned) about 30 white square cloths from the hospital. Where ever Hunter went they went. 5 on the couch, 5 in the nappy bag, in the car, on the shoulders, on your lap, on the floor...cloths everywhere. You name a place in my house, there was a cloth there. We had about 40 in total and at any given point there was only 3 in a draw. Constantly been cycled through the wash more than anything else. You didn't dare hold him without multiple cloths surrounding you and even then he would find a way to vomit on you.

He could have worn a potato sack for the first 6 months of life and you wouldn't have even known because this child was never without a bib and cloth around his neck. Baby clothes where covered by dreadful bibs. You can tell how impressed he was when I pulled out the forth bib for the morning in the picture above! Any cute photo you have ever seen of Hunter from before 6 months of age was perfectly timed and taken within 20 seconds after the quick removal of a bib. Most little photo shoots ended up with vomit all over his clothes and me. The things you do for a photo.

Action Shot. One of the smaller less extreme moments.

Action Shot. One of the smaller less extreme moments.

After the first night in hospital when he vomited all down my top and it seeped into every crevice, I knew I was in for a treat. I quickly became accustomed to having vomit on my clothes. The rule of thumb was if he only vomited on my top once, maybe twice, it was still good to wear out. I wouldn't have had enough clothes to get me through two days otherwise. Lucky my wardrobe consists of black, black and more black. Newsflash - vomit is the new black when you have baby.

Three favourite memories really take the cake for the best vomit:

  1. 5am play time and I held him above my face while lying down, Next minute, not only am I tasting vomit but it's in my hair, seeping into my ear, and somehow it’s also in my belly button. He was truly talented.
  2. 3am feed time and I just put him in between Michael and I (yes, we co-cleep). He was sound asleep, Michael was sound asleep and as I looked lovingly at Hunter, watching him breath peacefully a silent but deadly vomit explosion hit me in the face and ran down the bed like the rivers of babylon. I reached for the many cloths, soaked it up an went to sleep - you don't wake a sleeping baby or a husband for some vomit, you simply pretend it never happened and go back to bed.
  3. Lastly, whilst having a nice little play with his Aunty he projectile vomited all over her, hitting her square in the face and all anyone could do was laugh. (If you can be bothered scrolling through my instagram feed you will find a video of this!)

While most parents fear the mess of starting solids, we have well and truly embraced it because nothing can compare to what we have been through. The moment he learnt to sit up straight it was like a switch flicked. Everything strengthened and no more vomit. I haven't wanted to tell anyone for the fear that he would start again. He did that before, randomely stopped for 5 days and then it came back with a vengeance. 2 months of no vomiting now though and I think it's safe to say we are in the clear! 

Well, we did it. We survived the vomit. Now he's started having nappy explosions 4-5 times a day. Parenting, aka, how many different bodily fluids can you touch in any given hour. The joys. 

Emilly x