Nobody mentioned it

Everyone mentioned the sleepless nights. Check. It’s not even that bad. He doesn’t sleep through and I manage quite fine. They mentioned the crying. Check. He has a good set of lungs, I’m surprised he hasn’t woken up the whole street yet. They even mentioned the mess. Dribble, vomit, poo, wee - you name it, if it’s come out of his body I’ve touched it, worn it and cleaned it off multiple surfaces. But nobody mentioned the physical pain that can be caused from one little baby.   

It takes a lot to get me to complain about having baby and I’ve taken most things in my stride. But this is where I draw the line. 3am and all I am doing is feeding him. Cuddling him. Singing to him. Sounds like a dream right? Well apparently not! He’s restless and fighting sleep and in return for my love I get physically hurt. It might start with an accidental head butt to the nose or chin followed by a casual eye gauge and the pulling of my nose as his fingers somehow find their way up my nostril. Grabbing of the hair closely follows; you know the the sensitive new growth near your hair line, yep that's where he’ll attack. Chuck a few arm pinches in, a possible slap to the face and it will always end with his feet kicking me so hard in the guts that it’s as if he was trying to climb back into my womb. 

Not so cute at 3am!

Not so cute at 3am!

Why did no one mention this? I can handle the sleepless nights and the crying. The mess is easy. But how on earth do you deal with a baby hurting you when all you’re doing is loving him? Don’t forget it’s 3 in the morning, you're half asleep and very sensitive to anything at this point. Watching Hunter grow each day is a joy but this has me wishing he was a little newborn again. One that I could swaddle up and one that doesn’t have the strength of a thousand babies when he is tired and grumpy. This chunky  boy I have now is strong and he is winning a physical battle between us. At least I know he’ll be able to hold his own in a fight but please stop Hunter...people are beginning to give me weird looks when they see the bruises on my arms! 

Emilly x