To my other half...

To my other half,

I couldn’t do any of it without you. I know you think I could. I know you think that if something happened to you we would still be ok and that we would manage just fine. But how far from the truth you are. 


I can’t begin to imagine how long the days are when it’s just the two of you and he’s screaming for me. I cant begin to know how it feels when he’s upset with you and just one cuddle from me calms him in less than a second. To know that he loves you but that you're just not enough to make him feel safe in that moment. He needs the smell and touch of his mum, the one thing that you can't offer him. His favourite thing is to be held and kissed by me while you make him laugh. I see the way you look at him. The way you love him. The way you care for him. You’re more than the just a funny face. I know you feel like half a parent or a parent’s assistance sometimes because he won't let you do everything, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

The truth is, settling a baby doesn’t make you a great dad. The choices and decisions you make on a daily basis define you as a parent. You are a dedicated, hard-working and supportive partner and dad. A dad that would do anything for his family. A dad that has never once complained, if anything you have reveled every high and low we have ever had as parents. You're prepared for the 3am wakeup calls, the nappy explosions and the crying. From day one you took it all in your stride. Holding him with ease, bathing him and dressing him as if you’d done it all before. We always knew I was meant to be a mum but my god, were you born to be a dad. 


You might even have the most important role of all. A role that far exceeds comforting him and making him laugh. He will look up to you, he will want to be just like his daddy. He will copy your every move and with any luck he will turn out just like you. Someone who is calm, supportive, loving and compassionate. Just by being you, you are simply more than you need to be. He will see how you support me, how you push me to reach my goals. He will see how you ground me, and how you love me. Hopefully, in turn this is how he will treat the women in his life. 

So when you doubt your ability to parent and the role that you play, just remember yours is far greater than mine. You are half of his world and I am the other. With out you our little version of perfect would not exist. Never forget how needed and wanted you are.

All my love,
Emilly x