My top 6 wellness tips

1. Take time for yourself

I think this is one of the hardest things that adults find hard to do, especially parents. I can’t stress this enough, you are no good to anyone if you aren’t looking after yourself. Whether it’s a 20 minute walk on your own, or you book yourself in for a massage you need to take the time winddown. Some people have asked me if I feel guilty going to for runs and not spending time with Hunter. Absolutely not. I know that when I’m not exercising and taking this time for myself I am not the best version of me, and therefore what kind of mum am I being! 

2. Eat your greens...and all other plants! 

It goes without saying that I value healthy eating, more specifically a plant based diet. But for anyone who isn’t on a plant based diet my advice would just be to up your fruit and vegetable intake. There are so many nutrients and vitamins that come in fresh produce. Buy organic where you can, but truth be told, I don’t due to cost, so do what you can. Just get more produce into your bodies. I cook at least 90% of what I eat, eliminating unnecessary additives and chemicals. Try it for a week - you’ll feel amazing! 

3. Do what you love

...and love what you do. I’ve always lived by the saying “Work to live, don’t live to work” but in saying that work is not really work if you love what you do. Be passionate about your career. Do something that inspires you and others around you! Make a difference in one life or many. Find a job that makes you look forward to Monday. Of course the weekend is ideal, family time, friend time and cafe hoping around Melbourne but that’s not reality so make your working week count to. This also applies to any hobbies or interests that you have. If you love to cook, find time for it, if you love to knit, find time for it and if you just love a good serve of reality tv, find time for it. There are 24 hours in your day, fill each one with something you enjoy doing.

4. Surround yourself with the right people

We all need support, and for some this comes from our family and others our friends, and if you’re lucky, both. It is so important though that you surround yourself with people who bring you up, help you to chase your dreams and support you. I have many people in my life, but don’t actually have that many close friends. I could count on one hand the amount of friends I would call for support once you exclude family. I’m not complaining. Friendship really is about quality not quantity. I don’t want to waste my time catching up with people for the sake of it, I only want those that matter most to me,and my family, in our life on a regular basis. It’s amazing how refreshing it is to know that everyone you value in your life values you back. 

5. Think positively and practice gratitude 

I’ve been doing a lot of work with the students at my school about changing our mindset. Can you even imagine what we would have achieved by now if we weren’t held back by our own thoughts? How many times have you not tried because you were afraid you’d fail, or afraid of what people would think? If we can overcome these fears then we can accomplish so much more. Overcoming these fears all has to do with our mindset. Believe you can do it and trust that even if it doesn’t go as plan you will still learn so much along to way. We need to train that positive voice inside our minds to be stronger than the negative. To coach ourselves into trying new things as opposed to criticizing ourselves for not being perfect. Actively thinking, talking and writing down your gratitudes is a great place to start to get your mind on a positive track. Each morning I think, and often verbalise to my husband, the things I am most grateful for. It really helps to put me in the right frame of mind for the day.

6. Breathing Fresh Air

I can’t stress this one enough. The clarity I feel once I return home from a walk speaks for itself. Fresh air helps with digestion, strengthens the immune system, elevates your mood and increases your energy levels. I lose all patients if I haven’t had a good dose of fresh air - Michael can attest to that! Especially in Winter, we have the windows closed and heaters on so we are surrounded by recycled air so it’s even more vital during Winter that you get outdoors. Whether it’s a run, walk or simply potting around in the garden, rain, hail or shine, go breathe in some beautiful fresh air!  

I have many more wellbeing tips but I truly believe that these 6 are essential! Oh...and sleep. Get an adequate amount of sleep every night. Perhaps it’s 7 tips then! 

Emilly x