Off duty for 36hrs...

This weekend we were child free. First night without Hunter. We dropped him off at my parents house and we were off. Off the clock. No baby to watch, no nappies to change, no late night feeds! We had a wedding to attend and had planned some hikes to do as well - making the most of the weekend. 

In the lead up to this weekend everyone kept asking me if I was worried/nervous/sad about leaving Hunter. The answer was no! I feel like I should have felt anxious but I knew he was good hands, I had nothing to worry about. I miss him whenever I’m not with him but I don’t get anxious or upset. 


Once we arrived in Lorne we did a short walk to Sheoak Falls before getting ready for the wedding. I had packed lunch for both days so we had picnic at the base of two waterfalls which was beyond beautiful! 

The Wedding was obviously the highlight. The first of our friends to get married and it was magic. Every aspect of the day, from the beach ceremony to the relaxing atmosphere of the reception was them to a tee! It was beautiful to watch two amazing people express their love for each other. We drank, ate, danced and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Only downside was leaving a little body hadn’t quite accepted that Hunter wasn’t with me so I had to leave to go and express. Breastfeeding apparently doesn’t take a holiday! 

Sunday started with a run along the beach watching the sunrise, followed by beach walks, and a delicous breakfast. Next was an incredible hike to Erskine Falls. We walked 7.5km along the river, weaving under branches, jumping over rocks and embracing all that nature has to offer! It was an awesome way to finish our weekend! 


Overall we had the best time. It was nice to just spend some time together without Hunter and do some activities we couldn’t do if he was there. Although...I think the universe was potentially punishing us for having too much fun. 3 near death experiences brought us back to reality pretty quickly. On the drive up the car in front of us lost all the items on its roof rack and we had to dodge flying wood at 100km/h. Secondly on our hike a brown snake came out of no where and as I ran my whole life flashed before my eyes. The vision of a snake biting my achilles will cause nightmares for weeks to come. Lastly we were practically chased out of Lorne by a bikey gang wearing skull masks and nearly mounted the cliff face trying to give them enough room to go around us. Alright universe, you win, we’re coming home now. 

All in all, we had a fantastic time away, we watched our gorgeous friends get married, danced, ate beautiful food, slept through night with no interruptions and spent the entire Sunday immersed in all that nature has to offer. Once I’ve recovered from nearly dying, and my parents forget about their sleepless night with Hunter we will definitely plan another little getaway but until then I’ll be in the safety of my own home, far away from any snakes, holding onto my beautiful little boy! 

Emilly x