Ultimate Best Friends

It might shock you to think that I was petrified about getting a dog. A big, giant, scary Labrador. The thought of having a big dog actually gave me many anxiety attacks. Having grown up with labs, Michael was set on the fact we would have our own. I only ever had little dogs growing up so the thought of big, slobbery, dog with giant teeth actually scared me. I knew I had to bite the bullet though and accept the fact we would have one as it would have impacted Michael’s life too negatively to live without a dog - a true dog person. So we bought a tiny little black lab name Shadow and I instantly feel in love. Every worry disappeared, and the love took over. She was perfect.


Fast forward 2 Years and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She is the most beautiful dog you could imagine. Gentle, loving and so well behaved at home. She’s a little boisterous and gets overexcited when around other dogs but that’s the only negative. Oh and the fact she ate the side of the house...but I can overlook that because she has become a perfect part of my family, a piece I never even knew I needed and now can’t live without. It was imperative that we train her well as having kids was always on the cards. Thanks to Michael’s knowledge of labs we had no trouble ensuring she was calm and nurturing. 


Along came our little boy and I don’t think I was prepared for the relationship that would blossom. I knew babies and dogs were cute, and I knew that Shadow and Hunter would grow to be good friends but their bond has taken me by surprise. Everyday their friendship grows stronger. When we brought Hunter home from the hospital Shadow had a little difficulty adjusting, she would cry when he cried and would become quite distressed. Quickly she learnt he wasn’t in pain, he was just communicating. She would sleep by his cot, checking on him at all times and would come running if she heard a noise. Some of Hunters first big giggles were from big slobbery kisses from Shadow. Dogs are actually one of the best things to have around young kids as they help to build up their immune system. As Hunter started to eat all he wanted to do is share with Shadow. As Hunter started to crawl he would follow her wherever she went. As Hunter started to point and wave, Shadow was the first to be greeted. As Hunter started to walk Shadow would be there to help him balance and it goes without saying that his first word was Shadow, well “Adow” is how it comes out. I knew he would love her, I just didn’t except it to happen so soon! 


I don’t know what I was worried about at the start. The fear of the unknown I suppose but getting a dog was the best thing we ever did. Knowing that Hunter has his best friend around him at all times and watching them love and care for each other is possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I could not recommend more having a dog with small children! 

Emilly x