Plastic Free July

So in case you missed it July was #plasticfreejuly. This started in 2011 and has been gaining momentum each year. I never really thought twice about my waste until recently. I suppose I was ignorant to the effect I was having on the environment. I never really thought that by reducing my waste it would make a difference but having Hunter has changed my perspective on everything. I want him to have the best life possible and that means having a beautiful earth to live on.

So here it goes these are my cheap, easy and simple changes I made during July:


  • I bought a compost bin from Compost Revolution. I love it! but it doesn’t hold enough so I need to either buy another one or figure out what to do with my fruit and veg scraps. We definitely use more than the average house hold.  
  • I now make all the nut milk in my house using my Almond Cow machine. It’s completely zero waste, as if their is no container to throw out after and you can dry the pulp out and make flour out of it. 
  • My mum bought me a new make up remover by Face Halo and it is amazing. After each use you wash it and reuse. So no more throwing out wipes or cotton pads when I take my make up off. $30 for 3 and they last 200 washes each. 
  • For months I have been saving all my bottle and jars. Storing food in them and knick knacks around my house and art room. I have started using them for my cleaning products and soap now as well. The Mojo Kombucha jars are the best for this as the shape not only looks pretty but it also fits universal nozzles and pumps on top. I’ve also got them around my house for flowers and plants.
  • Any fruit scraps that can be blended up I keep, freeze and add to smoothies throughout the week. I also do this with any fruit that is going bad. Never wasting any food that could be eaten.
  • I’ve been going to The Full Pantry, a bulk food shop where I buy detergent, hand soap and other washing items. I add my own essential oil blends, from Amazing Scents into them when I get home. Zero waste as I just refill them when needed.
  • As we know, major supermarkets in Melbourne have stopped using plastic bags but I’ve also stopped using plastic bags for fruit and veggies. I have mesh bags by Bolsa to place my fruit and veg in and then they go straight into the fridge.
  • I’ve begun switching plastic containers to glass ones in my house but I had so many plastic containers to get rid of. I took them to the Art Room and that’s was a great decision. I am now saving resources in the art room too because my containers have lids. The paint won’t dry out for next lesson as I just pop the lid on.
  • I’ve just ordered silicon baking mats online so I no longer will need to use baking paper. No more throwing out baking paper after cooking batches of granola and roasting veggies.
  • I have bamboo straws which I use at home but I’ve just popped one into my bag to avoid plastic straws when I go out as well.
  • I don’t drink coffee, but Michael does, so I’ve bought him a brand new Keep Cup to use when he’s at work.
  • I have stopped buying bottles of sparkling water. Which is a huge thing for me. I would drink a bottle a day, sometimes more. Saving money and less waste by just drinking still water now too.
  • I’ve switched our toothbrushes over to bamboo ones. After sterilising our old ones they are now up school to be used for abstract painting or clay work.   

So from tooth brushes to baking paper, and plastic bags to make up wipes I’ve made a heaps of small changes over the last month to reduce waste and plastic. These are simple, cheap and effective ways and they have made a noticable difference in the amount of rubbish that goes into our bins each week. Our recycling bin used to be full after a fortnight and now it’s barely a quarter full by the time the bin gets collected. We only have one Earth and I intend on doing my part to make it the most beautiful environment for Hunter to grow up in. Have you made any changes this July?  

Emilly x