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Emotions ahead: handle with care

It is so important that we not only learn how to handle our own emotions but also the we meet the emotional needs our children and any children that we may know as well. At my school we have been running a program called the Zones of Regulation. I implemented the program just over a year ago and it has been well received by the whole community. I really couldn’t recommend adopting this language for your own children more.

It is a curriculum designed to help kids learn to identify their feelings and emotional reactions and learn sensory and perspective-taking strategies to encourage better self-regulation across different situations.

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Connection and community. It’s what we really all crave. To have connection with people around us and to feel like we belong. To know that we are apart of something bigger than us. I am not a religious person but often I see these big religious gatherings and feel envious of their connection and sense of meaning. So what about those who don’t share in the religion or belief, how exactly do we gain a community around us?

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The Resilience Project - Failure is vital to our Success

It is in the face of adversity where you see the most personal growth. There were many take home messages from the The Resilience Project PD but this was what resonated most with me. As a teacher I have always known that adversity and challenges is where we see children make the most growth but it hasn't been until becoming a parent that I have realised how important this really is. 

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It's more than just a job

From as young as I can remember I wanted to teach primary-school. There was short time as a 3 year old that according to my mum I wanted to be hair dresser. This is probably due to my amazing hair dresser that still cuts my hair today (hair blog can wait for another day) but my hairdressing dream was quickly taken over when I entered the school system as a young 4 year old...

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Back to Work

School starts back tomorrow and I’ll be working three days a week. Hunter will have two days with my Mum and a Daddy day with Michael. We are very lucky that we don’t have to send him to child care. I 110% trust who is looking after him and, bonus, we save money or the money I earn can actually go to fun things like...bills and a mortgage - reality. 

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