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Intermittent Fasting

A month ago I decided something needed to change. I had become a snacking machine and my body wasn’t liking it at all. I was continuously grazing throughout the day. I was still eating all the right foods, healthy and nutritious foods but my body was reacting poorly. I was also eating right from the moment I woke up, 5:30am and basically until I went to sleep 9pm. For a good few weeks I was never hungry because I was constantly snacking. I wouldn’t be hungry for actual lunch or dinner because I never really stopped eating from breakfast

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Off duty for 36hrs...

This weekend we were child free. First night without Hunter. We dropped him off at my parents house and we were off. Off the clock. No baby to watch, no nappies to change, no late night feeds! We had a wedding to attend and had planned some hikes to do as well - making the most of the weekend. 

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