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Connection and community. It’s what we really all crave. To have connection with people around us and to feel like we belong. To know that we are apart of something bigger than us. I am not a religious person but often I see these big religious gatherings and feel envious of their connection and sense of meaning. So what about those who don’t share in the religion or belief, how exactly do we gain a community around us?

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Positive Psychology Part 1 of potential thousands

Here goes nothing. My first attempt at writing you something about the amazing week away I had studying Positive Psychology. I would also like to add that while I was away in Byron Bay for the course I could have been in a dingy basement in the middle of nowhere and still had the best time. It wouldn't have mattered because the course and the people that I was surrounded by constantly blew my mind and it still feels like I dream that I even went. I’ll keep it brief for this blog post. I’ll just explain to you what positive psychology is and perhaps my top 3 takeaways from the course and then I’ll delve deeper in later blog posts down the track.

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